Precious Metals 
Editorial Campaign with LABO and Young Frankk Jewellery
Jewels are intimate expressions of moments in time, memories held close and memorialised on our bodies. Precious metals ignite fondness and nostalgia, anchoring us to a sense of history.
Celestial Objects
Astrology Edit Campaign with LABO
Mayde Tea
Sans Ceuticals
Studio Enti
An Organised Life
Sunday Lane
On The Ephemeral
Editorial Campaign with ACV Studio 
What do florals tell us about vitality, fluidity and resilience? What does the lived nature of such symbols provoke in us?
Philosophy of Space
Space Visit, Aesop Japan & Torafu Architects 
Conversations with Koichi Suzuno, Co-Founder of Torafu Architects about his architectural philosophy and the blurring of creative boundaries.
Beyond Small Talk 
Editorial Campaign with ARE Studio and Suboo
Without well-defined rules and an ever-changing context, how do we use language to reveal rather than obscure? Where the goal of communication is a deeper and more meaningful connection, what does it mean to converse well? A brief guide to good conversation.
A State of Undress
Editorial Campaign with La Fille D'o and Limb The Label 
In understanding that nothing – even our convictions – stays the same, perhaps we can then find value in the daily undressing of the mind, in the practice of re-learning who we are, scars and all, in the present moment.
A Modern Moment
Editorial Campaign with Matin Studio
Embroiled in the rhythms of our everyday, where methods of procrastination multiply amid ever-escalating measures of efficiency and success, it is so easy to forget to pause, take a breath and smell the roses.
Looking Outward
Editorial Campaign for LABO
How do objects inspire intensity and meaning in our lives? In Looking Outward, we contemplate the grounding principle of good design, the relationships we cultivate with the objects we cherish, and the merits of eschewing introspection.
Philosophy of Space
Editorial / Studio Visit with IF Architecture and Jardan Store
Just a day before the launch of Jardan's newest concept space, we speak to Iva Foschia, founder of IF Architecture, about the importance of context in her craft and the tenets of a good home. 
Cho Cho San
Space Visit and Conversation at Cho Cho San with Head Chef, Nic Won
Like its interior, Cho Cho San’s menu hosts loose re-imaginings of eastern classics accompanied by an impressive list of alcoholic offerings, the permutation of both promising a satisfying and well-spent evening.

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